Ways You Can Get Involved

The last year has been one of the most challenging for the Home in Bandipur, and for Friends of Bandipur here in Canada. Faced with a tough local inspection, we all endured months of red tape, home improvements, and a crazy amount of stress for the Panthi family (who run the home). Finally a few months ago, they received their updated papers, and official permission to keep the home open!

This was a big relief for us, but right on the heels of one challenge overcome came another huge stressor. Last December, we lost our partners who facilitate all our donations, and have had to face the task of running a home from afar, without a way to send them money! We’re now navigating the complexity of running a children’s home from across the world with no additional monitoring, no conventional way to send funds, and unable to issue tax receipts to our loyal donors.

We’re working towards a new partnership with another NGO, but for now the kids need your help! They have school fees, they need new clothes, and they need to be fed healthy food. This costs around $30,000 CAD a year. We also need to raise $18,000 to construct the upstairs room for the girls. This is a stipulation from the local authorities, who are expecting progress this year. It will also be a wonderful change for the growing girls, who are currently sleeping in a very cramped room.

Here are a few ways you can help us keep the home open and the children thriving.


We are working hard to ensure that every penny you give goes to financing the kids in Bandipur, and making sure they are happy and healthy. We are accepting direct e-transfers, so contact us for our email address. While we can’t offer you a tax receipt at this time, you’ll know you’ve bought a school uniform, paid a medical bill, or helped build the girls a new room.

Buy Art!

If you like art, head over to marcierohrart. Every dollar from every piece goes to a good cause, since you’ll be supporting the Bandipur family, and the young family who works tirelessly to support them. Marcie also takes commissions.


Are you an artist? Let’s talk about ways to network and collaborate. We need help with graphic design, videos, etc.

Join Us!

We’re currently looking for a campaign manager for our 2018 fundraising drive. Get in touch if you’d like to join Friends of Bandipur in an active role. Or if you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, we have a lot of work to do and we’d love to hear from you.

Network and Share!

Share our story (and our website or Facebook group) with your friends and family, and ask them to get involved.


Pray for the kids, for Dipak and Krishna who have dedicated their lives to looking after them, for Marcie and Carmen who’ve supported the home in every possible way for the last 10 years, for the Friends of Bandipur members working to keep the home running smoothly, and all our donors who make this project possible. Also pray that we’ll find the right partners soon. Thank you!

Join the Mailing List!

Check our website and Facebook group for updates, and join our mailing list so you can stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Bandipur.

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