Help Us Build a New Room

Did you know our girl’s room is full? We are at maximum capacity.

In Nepal, young girls who are orphaned or abandoned are often abused and neglected and can end up in child marriages or trafficked. We want to help more girls avoid this reality. Even while we were in Nepal in May, we had to turn away a young girl who badly needed a safe space because the bed capacity is full.

By donating through Heritage Valley Church, your contribution will go exactly where it needs to go, as the folks over there are not taking a commission. Send a cheque to Heritage Valley Pentecostal Assembly,  PO Box 22588,  Southbrook, Edmonton, AB, T6W 0C3, and specify ‘Nepal donation, roof project’.

Yes, you have to donate the old fashioned way, through cheque, but besides the exchange rate through the bank transfer, more than 99% of your donation will help us build the new room. How cool is that?

This beautiful girl in the photo is named Nira. She came to the home when the Esau family was in Nepal in 2013. Over the years we have seen her amazing transformation.  When she came as a little girl with lice and boils, she had most likely been living in a barn. She had no spare clothes, so for the first few days she was wearing Spencer’s extra clothes we had packed. She was being raised by her elderly grandma because her mother had left her and disappeared, and her father was never in the picture. She has opened up and blossomed so much in this community. We are so thrilled to see her grow into such a confident young lady and would love nothing more than to provide this opportunity for more young girls.

Help us Raise the Roof by building a large new room on the roof of the home, starting a new chapter of acceptance and welcome, and bringing new hope for young girls in need.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 this summer. We are aiming to send the first installment by early July. Your help is greatly appreciated – there’s no way we can do this alone!

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