The Construction is Nearly Finished!

The construction project is almost at an end and we couldn’t be more thrilled! In just a few weeks the girls will finally be moving upstairs to their beautiful new room.

That’s a lot of paint!

The workers have put a first coat of paint on the top floor, and it already looks amazing. We’re excited to see the finished project in just a few days. Along with the top floor, the rest of the house is getting a new coat of paint, and the entire house will soon be looking fresh and clean.

Our next goal is to get some new furniture for the girls. They need new beds, and a few shelves to store their clothes. If you want to get involved, and help us support these girls, head over to our donation page. Select “Nepal” from the drop down menu, and choose a monthly amount between $20 – $50 to help up furnish the girls room, and support the ongoing expenses for basic needs such as school fees, supplies, clothes, and food.

We couldn’t do it without your partnership, and we’re so grateful to each and every one of your for your ongoing support and encouragement.