Covid-19 in nepal

As Covid-19 continues to spread worldwide, Nepal is reporting it’s first cases of the disease. There are currently 9 confirmed cases in Nepal, as well as several suspected cases.

The country is in lock-down, and a hospital in Kathmandu has been designated to handle all Covid-19 cases as Nepal prepares for more quarantine measures. Nepal lacks the medical infrastructure, equipment, and staff to handle a major outbreak, so extra precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Children’s Home is starting to feel the effects of Covid-19, and the village of Bandipur recently had their first suspected cases: a family of 4 who have all been sent to hospital in Kathmandu. Many people in the village are wearing homemade masks, and limiting contact with anyone outside their home.

The family at The Children’s Home is still safe, the kids are all staying home, and the family remains healthy. They’re stocking up on food, sanitizer, and some basic first aid supplies.

While Covid-19 presents a threat to Nepali citizens, the impact of a lock-down on the economy will undoubtedly be devastating as well. Nepal relies heavily on tourism, and depends on open trade routes between both India and China to maintain a stable economy.

We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers during this challenging time. Please consider sending a donation towards our emergency fund, providing instrumental support in this time of crisis. Your donation will go right where it’s needed most, allowing the family to purchase more food and other essential supplies.