Time for Another Contest!

Everyone loves a good giveaway, and for our next contest we’re partnering with the amazingly talented Jovi Klak!

Jovi is an Edmonton based artist and graphic designer. She grew up on a farm north of Athabasca, Alberta where she spent much of her time outdoors, and was influenced by her mom’s love of plants and huge garden. Jovi is drawn to unique patterns and colours in the outside world—especially those found in florals.

You could win this!

In 2017, she went on a 5 month solo trip to Thailand, Nepal and the Philippines. Inspired by henna in Nepal and blown away by the changing landscapes, Jovi began creating mandalas to express the surroundings that moved her. When a friend suggested she put her circular designs onto wood slices, she jumped on the idea. Wood materials have been sourced from fallen trees on her parents’ farm or graciously donated. Jovi is happy to have taken part in the entire creation of her art pieces, from cutting, sanding and sealing material, to then painting on it. 

A majority of her painted wood slices are inspired by plants seen in everyday life. Oftentimes, Jovi will work with the wood slice’s ring pattern, as if the piece is in collaboration with itself. Jovi wishes to explore different designs with the hopes of continually adding to and having pieces picked from her ever evolving wood slice garden.  You can see more of her gorgeous work here.

You could win this wood cookie painting!

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Meet Suk!

Child Sponsorship Program

Over the last few months we’ve been introducing you to the children, and you’ve already met Srijana and Ananda. Through the child sponsorship program, we’re inviting you to become a monthly donor of the home. You’ll be able to see first-hand what your donations are doing, and we’ll send you more pictures and info about each child so you can get to know them a little bit better.

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Help Us Build a New Room

Did you know our girl’s room is full? We are at maximum capacity.

In Nepal, young girls who are orphaned or abandoned are often abused and neglected and can end up in child marriages or trafficked. We want to help more girls avoid this reality. Even while we were in Nepal in May, we had to turn away a young girl who badly needed a safe space because the bed capacity is full.

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Welcoming a New Family Member

The young children who enter the Bandipur Children’s Home arrive with fear in their hearts. They are often leaving a life of child-labour, abuse, and neglect, and they don’t know what to expect. But what greets them is a family, and a community that is endlessly supportive and loving.

During our recent visit to the Home, we were able to witness the arrival of the newest family member, a 9-year-old boy. Witnessing him in this unthinkable state of transition from one kind of life to the next was something none of us will ever forget. And watching the other children respond to this new addition with empathy and sensitivity was so powerful it brought tears to our eyes. Seeing this love in action, we left the home knowing that the work we’re doing is meaningful, impactful, and absolutely life-changing. 

Including this new addition, we now have 13 wonderful children who depend on our support. Many people have asked us about sponsorship over the years, and we are excited to announce that in the upcoming weeks we will be launching a sponsorship program that will help you support one of our amazing children, and give you the chance to get to know them all a little better. 

This visit left us so inspired and empowered to continue this valuable work, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey. Your support has a huge impact on this family of amazing young men and women who deserve the very best.

If you haven’t yet, please join our email list, or contact us to find out how you can get involved.