Ananda is the newest member of the home, and is the youngest boy. He joined the family in the spring of 2018.

Ananda’s father died several years ago, and his mother disappeared when he was just 5 years old, leaving Ananda and his 1 and a half year old brother  with their uncle. While his uncle cares a lot about Ananda, he is unable to support him, pay for his school fees, or make sure that he is well cared for.

Ananda is adjusting to life at the Bandipur Children’s Home, enjoys playing games like soccer with the other boys, and has started smiling all the time. His favorite color is red, and he likes lions. He wants to become a police officer when he grows up.


Srijana came to the home very recently, and she’s one of the youngest girls in the home.

Before coming to the home she lived with her uncle, but no one has seen or heard from him since he abandoned her at the home. Srijana was shy when she first arrived, had trouble focusing, and may have something wrong with her eyesight.

Now, Srijana is like a ray of sunshine, with the brightest, widest smile you can possibly imagine. She’s still a little shy, but loves her new family fiercely, likes to meet new people, and enjoys eating momos (the Nepali version of dumplings). She loves to sing, and is learning about all the birds of Nepal. Her favorite bird is the parrot, and when she grows up she wants to be a pilot.


Suk came to the home when he was 7 years old.

Suk was a young child when his mother died, and not long afterwards his father abandoned him. Suk was being raised by his elderly grandparents, and when he arrived at the home he was dirty, malnourished, and covered in lice. His grandfather came to visit him a few times, but now he’s too old to make the trip.

Suk is a sweet boy, happy to play with the younger children, and eager to follow the example set by the older boys. He’s very smart, does well in school, and enjoys studying English. He loves playing soccer with the boys, and whenever his team wins a game, he wishes they could go back in time and replay the match so he could have the fun of winning all over again. Suk enjoys going on field trips, and playing with his friends at school. He wants to study engineering when he’s older.


Prem came to the home when he was 5 years old, along with his older brother Lal.

When the boys arrived they were very unkempt and malnourished, and had boils and rashes on their skin. Both their parents had died, and they were being used for child labor, forced to carry heavy stones in baskets on their heads, and being beaten for not working hard enough.

Prem is the mischievous one in the house, and is always getting a laugh out of the others for his goofy behavior. He loves to play with the boys, and with his best friend Dipson, running around or playing soccer. His favorite snack is an apple, and he likes to draw animals. He thinks Nepal is a beautiful country, and he’s proud that there are so many natural parks and famous mountains.


Lal is Prem’s older brother, and he was 7 when they came to the home.

Along with his brother Prem, Lal was in rough shape when he came to the home, and after the death of his parents he’d been forced into child labour, carrying heavy stones in a basket on his head, and suffering from beatings.

Today, Lal is healthy and strong, growing into a mature young man. Lal enjoys math, and wants to be an engineer one day. His level of English is higher than some of the other children. He likes playing soccer and chess, and helping out around the house doing chores. His favourite thing about Nepal is the culture and all the traditions, especially all the Nepali songs.


Nira was one of the first children to come to the home, and she joined the family when she was 5.

The day she came, Nira was covered in boils, was extremely dirty, and had lice. No one knows who her father is, and her mother abandoned her when she remarried and moved to her new husband’s home. Nira was living with an elderly grandmother, and slept in a stall with the animals. She has no contact with her family, and never asks about them.

Nira is a very affectionate child, feels loved and accepted, and is happy to be living in the home with all the other children. Her favourite subject in school is English because she thinks her English teacher is the nicest lady she’s ever met. In fact, she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Nira’s favorite color is pink, and she’s always happy when she gets new clothes. Her favorite activity is skipping rope with her friends, and she loves the mountains and nature in Nepal.


Santosh is definitely the “cool kid” of the house.

When Santosh was quite young his father died, and his mother remarried. She didn’t take Santosh to live with her new family, but left him with his elderly grandmother. Santosh still has some contact with his mother, but her life is very unstable, and she can’t look after him. When he first came to the home Santosh was very dirty, was rude and disrespectful, and had been working long days in the fields. We suspect he was often beaten. Now he does have some community support, and goes home to visit his village on holidays.

Santosh enjoys math and playing soccer. He’s always wearing a baseball cap (except in pictures), and enjoys drawing tigers. While all the other kids take some time to play outside before settling down to their books, Santosh prefers to get his homework done as quickly as possible so he’ll have lots of time to relax in the evenings and play chess with the boys. He thinks he might study business when he’s older.


Rebika was among the first children to move int the home, and she came when she was 7 years old.

Rebika’s mother died when she was very young, and her father passed away a few years later. The only family member who cared about Rebika was her elderly grandfather, but he passed away when he was 97, leaving Rebika alone. She was very quiet, and wouldn’t speak to anyone for a few months. Her cousin brought her to the home, and she arrived underfed and covered in lice. Since then she’d had no contact with her family, and has never gone to visit her home. At times she feels sad that she doesn’t have someone outside the home that cares about her.

Rebika’s favourite school subject is science, and she dreams of being a doctor one day. She enjoys skipping rope with her best friend Misha, and her home sister Nira. She is still quite shy, but the opportunity to attend Notre Dame, a reputable private school, is helping her come out of her shell, and she’s gaining more confidence every day.


Ishwor came to the home a few years ago with his sister Trishna.

When they arrived, both children had lice, and were malnourished. Their parents had died, and they were living with one of their 12 older brothers and sisters. Ishwor had attended school, but their family wasn’t able to pay the fees, or provide proper care for the children.

Ishwor isn’t as rambunctious as the other boys, and enjoys reading and drawing. His favorite subject in school is math. He is learning how to play chess, and he likes to play soccer with the other boys and with his best friend from school, Raju. Last time we visited he was working on solving a Rubix cube. He gets along well with everyone, and is happy to help out around the house.


Trishna came to the home several years ago with her older brother Ishwor.

When Trishna arrived at the home she had lice, and was extremely malnourished. She and Ishwor had been to school, but they weren’t being cared for properly, and the family could no longer afford the school fees. Because of the poverty in her family, Trishna’s basic needs were neglected and she had to work very hard in the home every day.

Today, Trishna is healthy, but still quite shy. She is a lovely young lady, and she likes crafts such as making bracelets, and games like skipping rope. She is great at helping out around the house and is a mentor to the younger ladies in the home. She works hard in school and gets upset when the other kids make too much noise and distract her. She has a best friend at school who she likes to spend some of her free time with.


Bhola came to the home when he was 9, along with his older brother Akash.

Both boys were clean and healthy when they came to the home. They had lost their parents and were living with their uncle. He couldn’t afford to look after them, so he brought them to the home, but was sad he couldn’t keep taking care of them. They still feel connected to their home village, and have gone back to visit their older brother during the holidays. Bhola is very smart, and has excellent English skills.

Bhola likes math and science, and enjoys sitting together with his brothers and playing chess. He doesn’t like being alone. He’s quite the artist, and draws lots of cartoons. He also loves visiting his home village during holidays, and wants to move back there one day.


Akash is the oldest child in the home, and he’s a big help to his home parents.

Akash came to the home when he was 10 years old, along with his brother Bhola. He was healthy when he arrived at the home, and had been attending school. Before the boys came to the home they were living with their uncle, and both their parents had died. On holidays they enjoy going back to their home village to visit their older brother.

Akash is very shy, and he gets nervous in big groups, but within the family he demonstrates great leadership, watching the younger children, noticing things around the house that need fixing, and taking care of the home. He is caring and compassionate, and the younger children love him.

He has a lot of friends at school, and enjoys playing chess. He and the older boys at the house often play in the evenings when their homework for the day is done. He likes playing car racing games on the computer, and taking the motorbike into town to run errands for the family. He wants to travel to India, China, and even Canada. He would like to study tourism and hotel management, and one day run his own hotel. He’s proud to be Nepali because throughout its history, Nepal has been a country of brave and independent people.